2018 statistics for the Croatian airports have been released and the conclusion is clear.

Croatian airports recorded a total of 10.2 million passengers in the first 11 months of 2018 – 10.3% more than 2017.

The busiest airport was Zagreb airport – the airport had 232.000 passengers in November 2018 and in comparison, the airport with the second most passengers in the period, was Split with 53.000 passengers.

Zagreb recorded its passenger number 3 million again this year – 34 days earlier than in 2017. The airport have experienced positive growth rates for the past 19 months.

In the past five years, from the beginning of the concession period, cooperation have been established with 15 new airlines.

With the opening of the new passenger terminal, significant traffic advances have been made in establishing long-haul flights, and with the arrival of Emirates, Air Transat, Air Canada Rouge and Korean Air, Zagreb is directly connected with some of the world’s major traffic centers such as Dubai, Toronto, Montreal and Seoul.

Significant advances in the increase in the number of flights and destinations at Zagreb Airport have a positive impact on the positioning of Zagreb as a tourist destination, and directly supports the concept of Croatia, or extending the tourist season throughout the year,” the airport concluded.