For quite a few years, activists all around the world have bemoaned the impact that Airbnb are having on
the real estate markets of European cities. Now, in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, a sudden increase in the number of new apartments for long term rent is seen on almost any real estate agency website across Europe.

As it turns out, many of the new postings are in fact apartments that until recently were offered only at daily rates on Airbnb. With travelling and tourism brought to an almost complete halt by the Coronavirus pandemic, landlords and property managers seem to be moving their apartments from paralyzed tourist rental platforms onto the long-term market.

Housing has become one of the main lines of defence against the current Covid-19 outbreak, as the majority of the earth’s population are told to stay home as much as possible. With governments now enacting all types of extraordinary measures to tackle the pandemic, and companies and people trying to cope with the public health and economic emergency as best as they can, it remains to be seen how authorities, corporations, landlords and residents will regard housing in the post-coronavirus world we are heading into.