Park & Fly Sofia were the first company in Mainland Europe to offer investors the opportunity to invest directly in commercial airport parking. The company has reported that demand for the first phase far exceeded expectations and that further phases will be launched in 2016.

With a guaranteed annual income of 7% for the first 2 years and long-term expectations in the 9-12% range, yield seeking investors have seized the chance to earn money while others travel.

The numbers from Sofia Airport speak for themselves. With 3.8 million travelers in 2014 and 1,200 car parks the parking situation is dismal. Sofia also has the 4th highest number of cars per capita in the European Union at 546.4 vehicles per 1,000 people. Compared to Scandinavian peers, Sofia Airport has more than 15 times fewer parking spaces per passenger than Billund!

Airport Passengers (2014) Parking Spaces Passengers per Parking Space
Billund 2,829,507 13,300 212
Torp 1,762,848 2,330 756
Gothenburg 5,216,011 10,000 521
Sofia 3,800,000 1,200 3,166