Amazon was created out of Jeff Bezos’s garage in 1994  with a limited capital came from his parents. A great adventure that crowned its creator as the richest person on the planet and that has allowed this small bookstore to become the second US firm to hit a trillion-dollar value on the stock market, following Apple.

Amazon shares rose to $2,050.27, giving it this iconic value and illustrating the quick and brazen success of this business, that is now an e-commerce empire.

The performance of Apple is based on one single product « the iPhone » while Amazon is the exact opposite. The company has diversified into almost all areas of retail, changing consumption patterns and putting considerable pressure on traditional distribution.

Currently, Amazon is a disruptive factor, where economic circles tremble every time the company invests into a new niche.

Jeff Bezos first tried his luck on the stock market in 1997, at the price of 18 dollars per share. Apple went public in 1980 and took 38 years to reach $1 trillion in market cap, while Amazon did it in just 21. Both are now worth more than one «trillion».

Amazon has succeeded to impose its market strategy which is quite different from Apple’s policy. Whereas Apple is pampering its shareholders distributing $ 200 billion, Jeff Bezos prefers to ignore them and to invest in his own company.

His gamble paid off: the group earned $2,5 billion in the second quarter of 2018.

If Amazon continues at this rate, the question will be to know when, and not « if », the capitalization of the e-commerce behemoth will eclipse that of Apple.