After Apple’s yearly earnings, Apple risks going below the 1 trillion dollar record they reached back in August

Apple (APPL) published the earnings report on Thursday – with a mixed outcome, that left investors disappointed.

Apple and Amazon are the two only trillion-dollar companies, but now Amazon could be the only one left on top.

With Apple’s 4th quarter earnings report, that came out after the market closed on Thursday, the result actually surpassed the analytics expectations but the forecast for Black Friday and Christmas season was below market predictions.

This might be on purpose though, in order to underestimate and overperform.

As the S&P 500 Index fell almost 7% in October and the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell with 5% – the tech stocks shed as much as 15%.  But even though Apple missed their unit sales numbers on iPhone and the company’s December revenue forecast was almost $2 billion less than expected – Apple still had their first ever $10 billion quarter, confirming the long-term growth of the company.

According to CEO Tim Cook, Apple is heading into the holiday season with the strongest product line ever and they are very bullish.

Apple announced that they will stop announcing unit sales figures for iPhone, Mac and other products next quarter – something that sparks a fear amongst investors that Apple has something to hide.