New numbers from market index shows solid but also more muted price increases compared to former years, which shows a market in better balance.

2018 turned out to be another good year for homeowners. New numbers from shows that prices on apartments og houses, has increased with 4% in 2018. It has been like this for the last 7 years and according to Communications Director and Housing Economist Birgit Daertz, 2019 could bring even bigger price increases, though there is a certain uncertainty amongst buyers caused by the high prices in the big cities, the upcoming property assessment and housing tax reform.

The sales of owner-apartments in 2018 has declined with 11% compared to the year before – it is the first time in a decade that the yearly sales have been lower than the year before. This decline can be explained with the high price levels and borrow tightening that made it difficult for people to finance a home purchase.

The capital region is responsible for 61% of the trades on the market and therefore, there have been a lot of focus on the bigger cities. The new tightenings was implemented to mute the price growth in the big cities.

In the capital region, the effect have been noticeable as we have seen the prices stagnate – though an actual decline in prices is needed to attract the broad buyer crowd again.