In order to ensure itself for future growth, Billund airport are now buying land around the airport to secure space for future expansion.

Billund wants to be ahead when it comes to their future growth. That is why the airport is busy buying the land north of the airport.

Billund airport have experienced a rapid growth the past years and if it continues, the airport will have to expand. In 2017, 3.3 million passengers travel through the airport.

Now we first have to finish build our multihouse. It will be an expansion of the terminal building, which will be completed by November 2019. We are also looking at our parking-capacity, but we expect that for some years we can still build up in houses instead of building outwards on the farmers´ fields. But if we are to expand outwards, it is in right time that we buy land to ensure the future, “says Jan Hessellund, executive director of Billund Airport.

Latest, Billund airport build a multi house for the price of 130 million DKK and 6500 sqm, which will be ready for use in the summer 2019. 15 years ago the present terminal was put in to use, so that the airport could continue its growth and according to the executive director, the terminal can still handle up to 7 million passengers.

Many airports in Europe are experiencing a rapid growth these years, caused by cheaper airfare and growing prosperity. In 2017, european airports saw a growth in traffic of 7,7%.

The highest growth was achieved by airports in East and South of the EU, with airports in Latvia, Estonia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Malta and Portugal showing double digit growth.