Pittsburgh International Airport announced Thursday that it plans to open additional parking lots and concession stands, among other initiatives, as it reports an increase in passenger volume over the past several weeks.

According to a press release, the reopenings come as part of the second phase of the Allegheny County Airport Authority’s PIT Safe Travels Program, which launched back in May. 

In addition to the increased parking spaces and reopening of concession sales, the airport said it would be adding an additional security checkpoint but only during limited hours. It also said it would be opening its Global Entry enrollment office, located on the third floor of the landside terminal, to conduct in-person interviews for the federal program starting on July 7.

The second train between the two terminals and the airport’s moving walkways to the long-term parking lots have also been reactivated the airport said.

“With the gradual increase of passenger traffic, we’re working closely with our tenants and partners to identify areas of the terminal that make sense to reopen as travel demand grows,” Allegheny County Airport Authority CEO Christina Cassotis said in the release. “Public safety and customer service remain our top priorities, and we will continue to implement best practices and follow all public health guidelines to boost health and safety measures throughout the airport.”

The pandemic has led the airport to rethink how it will best serve its customers in a post-pandemic world. It has had to delay its $ 1.1 billion terminal modernization project amid the pandemic but has utilized that time to explore what the airport of the future might look like. 

Month-over-month passenger traffic jumped 185 % to just under 93,000 travelers in May, up from the 32,000 who traveled through the airport in April of this year. 

Compared to last year’s numbers, however, passenger volume was still down drastically. The airport reported at its operations and facilities committee meeting last week that more than 875,000 passengers traveled through Pittsburgh international in May 2019, a 90% decrease compared to last month’s volume. 

Year-to-date passenger volume is also off from last year’s figures. So far in 2020, 1.88 million people have traveled through Pittsburgh International, down more than 50% from the 3.81 million passengers over the same time period last year.