The valuation service VesselsValue published its best candidates in the shipping sector ahead, earlier this week. They are basing their analysis on market development and historical values.

They highlight the tanker market as its best investment overall, though they also find room for container vessels and dry bulk vessels on their top list.

Their expectations apply for Q3 2018 – Q3 2019.

  • 10 year old Panamax container vessel: 56,4% ($5,53 millions)
  • 5 year old Panamax container vessel: 41,3% ($7,33 millions)
  • New Handysize dry bulk vessel: 35,7%($6,92 millions)
  • 15 year old Aframax crude oil tanker: 35,2% ($3,32 millions)
  • 15 year old LR1 product tankers: 32,3% ($2,45 millions)

It is gratifying to see Aframax highlighted, as it is a class of vessels we have great faith in for the coming period.

Since Vesselsvalue hits its recommendation, with 35,2% increase in vessel value, it will provide a very good return for projects with a loan.