Like many larger cities, Zagreb is having problems with space – now they are increasing prices for parking to ease the problem.

Prices for parking in and around Zagreb have seen an increase of between 33% – 100% depending on the parking zone this year. According to Mayor Milan Bandic, they had to increase the prices in order to reduce traffic and hopefully more people will now take public transportation.

With the increase in price, the company Zagrebacki Holding who manages the parking zones in the city, will see an increase in profits of 38.7 million kuna (€5.2 million).

The company is, in addition, planning to construct a “Parking zone 5” in order to facilitate the growing number of vehicles in the city.

In 2017, the amount of new car purchases in Croatia rose with 19,9%.

The lack of parking spaces in the city has regionated to the Zagreb airport. Many passengers travel from all over the region to the airport by car. Therefore, the demand for Zagreb airport parking has risen.

According to a report from “Intelligent Energy Europe” the previous years in Zagreb have seen many incentives on electromobility on local and regional levels which has resulted in an increase of e-vehicles. This means that the expectations for further growth are high.

Even though parking is in high demand in both the airport and the city, conventional real estate is also seeing a rapid increase. In Zagreb, the demand for apartments have surpassed the supply, this means that the city is attracting many new foreign investors.

The newest numbers, as published on November 28. 2018 in Total Croatia News, showed higher than expected economic growth rates.

A market growth of 7,1% was recorded for construction and all sectors except for industry, mining and extraction, recorded positive results.

In fact, Croatia grew faster than the European Union average for the third quarter in a row.

The EU average growth average is 1,9%.